Seasonal wedding flowers guide

Bridal Bouquet New Mexico wedding
Bridal Bouquet by Bosque Flower Studio

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming Albuquerque wedding! How exciting! Time to plan one of the most important events in your life! Among all of the many things to plan, the venue, the food, how many guests will you have attending, the color palette, the list goes on and on.

One item that should always be planned ahead for are your wedding flowers! Since Albuquerque has a milder seasonal climate, the range for wedding season can pretty much be year-round. The most popular wedding season months I have noticed here in New Mexico have been May-November, which leaves quite a few floral options!
Here is a quick guide to some of the seasonal flowers that are popular for weddings:

Roses– Various colors and types- Garden and Standard. More difficult to get popular colors June to late September, including Blush and Taupe and Toffee colors.

Peonies– Ah, a bride’s dream! The typical months to be able to get them are April, May, June and tapering off in July to early August. Keep in mind that in April the crops are just starting their harvest, so the flowers might be small, and not at their best. May and June are usually fairly good harvest months, and nearing their harvest ending in July to early August the crop is usually still pretty okay-ish. If Peonies are your dream, must have flower, you might want to plan your wedding day around the prime peony season for most reasonable price per stem, and quality.

Dahlias– Another bridal dream. These flowers have character, and bold color variety. Dahlia season for Albuquerque weddings is usually May through October.

Talk to your florist about options for New Mexico local grown varieties if possible. Nowadays there are so many choices for flowers, and the perfect bouquet! Don’t be afraid to seek out options, and talk to your Albuquerque wedding floral designer about the different styles, and flowers you would like to include in your bouquet!

Bosque Flower Studio would love to discuss your Albuquerque wedding flower vision, and as always, your consultation is always complementary! Let’s design your dream bouquet together!

With ❤
Bosque Flower Studio

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