Five Bridal Bouquet ideas to think about!

Bosque Flower Studio New Mexico Wedding Florist
Garden Rose bridal bouquet from Bosque Flower Studio
Photography by Maura Jane Photography

If you have browsed Pinterest for any amount of time for style inspo for your wedding bouquet, it can be quite daunting! What is a bride to do with so many choices? Here are some steps to help you narrow down a style, and the look of your dream bouquet:

1. Mood/ Theme: Do you dream of a lavish trailing cascade bouquet, or elegant round floral style? Maybe you prefer the wispy and freestyle boho look? You can pretty much pick a style, your preferred color palette, and begin here. (And if your floral designer is Bosque Flower Studio, styles can likely be combined!) The possibilities are pretty much endless…

2. Season: Keep in mind the flower types and shapes and the season of your wedding date. It is important to keep in mind when your favorite flowers and colors are best available. My seasonal flowers guide here can help, or I would be happy to chat with you about flower questions!

3. Color palette: Are you loving the moody autumn colors, or maybe your favorite color is purple? Don’t be afraid to incorporate mixing colors into your bouquet, and this could be done with flowers, accent flowers, and greenery. Beautiful lengths of drapey ribbon anyone?

4. Shape and size: Feeling daring? It is your wedding, so why not go bold? Maybe minimal and elegant is more your style. Its a good idea to consider your dress also- lots of bling or lace? it’s important that everything works together for the overall style.

5. Be you! At the end of the day, go with inspiration that you love! Traditional or contemporary and the everything in between, your Albuquerque wedding flowers can be what you absolutely adore. Bosque Flower Studio would love to create the bouquet of your dreams!
Get started with Bosque Flower Studio HERE!

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Bosque Flower Studio

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