Wedding Websites: 5 reasons every couple should have one!

Back when I was engaged (circa 2009), the wedding website trend was fairly non-existent. The internet was a much different place, and helpful wedding planning websites such as Pinterest and Wedding Collective New Mexico were mostly unheard of. Today, things are much different, and lucky you, if you are in the stages of wedding planning, there are a lot more options!

Yes a wedding website is an awesome idea!

A wedding website is an awesome idea in many aspects; but what comes to mind first and foremost is convenience and accessibility for your guests and wedding party members. All of your information is there in one place, which helps a ton if there are last minute changes. Many sites allow you to simply share a link, which is great via text, email (or Facebook).

Reason #2: Stay organized
On many wedding websites, you are allowed to create your guest list, keep track of your RSVP’s, post updates, and even link to your registries or charitable cause. Its an easy and convenient way to collaborate with your guests, and keep them up to date all things wedding!

Reason #3: Share your love story
What better place to share your love and story than you own dedicated place on the web? Social media is okay, but I feel it disconnects many people rather than bring them together, especially in happy times! Another aspect to consider is the your post may not be seen right away, since advertising and monetary motive is the direction where much of social media is moving toward. No one wants to be the last to know due to placement on their newsfeed.

Reason #4: Have most of the common questions answered
Be sure to consider creating a FAQ page, and be sure to direct guests there, especially when the months move closer to your wedding date. Here is a great place to post links to GPS directions, menu options, and other answers that you may not want to repeat a hundred times 🙂

Reason #5: Options
What is great nowadays is the availability of options to create your wedding website, and even for free. If you are a little more tech savvy, WordPress offers a free platform to create your wedding site, along with companies such as Wix, and Weebly. Some websites such as WeddingMapper, Zola and the Knot provide options as well, and are dedicated to this service.

Some of my favorite friends at Wedding Collective NM have a ton of resources for your wedding planning, and some additional ideas to think about if a wedding website is right for you.

Best wishes with all things wedding,
❤ Bosque Flower Studio